Our biotechnologies

Viridis Terra uses advanced biotechnologies that increase the survival and productivity of trees on degraded lands compared to the industry average, dramatically increasing the success rate of our forest landscape restoration activities.


A patent-pending technology used to grow high-density forests on highly degraded soils from seeds.


Patent-pending micro-cutting technology used for seedlings on low viability soils from micro-cutting of living woody biomass.


Planting substrate for the establishment of nursery-grown seedlings on very degraded soils.

Biotech lab

Hi-tech microbiology technologies and infrastructures, including selection and production processes.

Biofertilizer – selection, production and use of TreeBoost(TM) symbiotic microorganisms inoculant product associated with plant roots. It increases by up to 70 % tree survival rate and 130 % tree growth speed on degraded lands.

Somatic embryogenesis - selection of more performant and productive tree varieties on degraded lands while ensuring optimal genetic diversity in new ecosystem. Production of large quantities of seedlings by micropropagation using only a few embryos or juvenile tissues.

Intellectual properties of these technologies have been acquired by Viridis Terra from partner company Symbiotech Research.

High-tech tree factory

Advance growing technologies and systems supplied by TreeGlobal to produce robust seedlings for commercial purposes with improved survival rates, growth rates, time to maturity and overall yield per hectare.