What we do


Viridis Terra revitalizes degraded industrial sites to align with the environmental objectives of large organizations. It's mission is to assist in the recovery and return of ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged, or destroyed by industrial operations. By carefully planning activities and incorporating measures for streamlined restoration, our team of experts ensures a future where the ecological integrity of the land is restored to its original state.

Mine surrounded by healthy forest.
Mine surrounded by healthy forest.

Why we do it

Ecological restoration is a powerful tool for sustainable development across industries and crucial for maintaining the social license to operate, especially in mining. Our effective restoration measures mitigate negative impacts on the environment and communities by:

  • Containing and eliminating contaminants; remediating polluted areas.
  • Allowing for recovery of resilient landscapes; restoring ecological balance.
  • Promoting biodiversity recovery; enhancing plant and animal habitats.

Our ecological restoration method begins with a diagnostic of the natural environment. We implement natural processes, native species, and address soil deficiencies with strategic choices of species, biotechnologies, techniques, and approaches. This approach not only drives remarkable improvements and fosters sustainable growth, but it also prevents invasive species from taking over. We understand that using non-adapted plant species can lead to long-term ecological and financial consequences for corporations.

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau Founder and Chief Executive Officer

What sets us apart

Our team delivers excellence in ecological restoration. Our cutting-edge engineering technologies, combined with our multidisciplinary expertise, pioneer innovative solutions. Focused on research and development, we ensure industry-leading outcomes. Tailored solutions address each client's unique requirements, delivering impactful, lasting and durable results.

Engineering Technologies

We use innovative ecological engineering technologies to restore contaminant-releasing sites sustainably. By blending our comprehensive analysis of the natural surroundings with its attributes and engineering aspects, we create resilient ecosystems that protect the environment for the long term. Our approach ensures a powerful synergy, reviving natural habitats for the future.

Multidisciplinary Team 

Our diverse team of professionals who collaborate across all projects, encompassing a wide range of expertise from engineers and geologists to forest engineers, ecologists, agronomists, and environmental professionals.

Research & Development Team

Viridis Terra drive innovation by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge R&D into restoration projects. It's R&D team develops research protocols and tests natural solutions on-site. Corporations can also benefit from specific tax credit programs while our company continues to improve and thrive.

Tailored Solutions

We pride ourselves on our personalized approach, offering flexibility and tailored solutions to meet each client's unique needs. Our comprehensive services include in-depth ecological evaluations, ensuring that our turnkey solutions are precisely customized to deliver optimal results for every project.

Ecological Restoration Services


Restoration Project Management

Environmental and Biodiversity Consulting

Ecological Engineering Solutions

The steps include: Sustainable and Operational Project Management, Operational Material Management, and Water Quality Management and Monitoring.

Optimization of methods Across the project lifecycle, adapting to different phases. Reduction in restoration time and costs. Less reliance on external sourcing. Greenhouse gas reduction. Material reuse.

Biodiversity assessment Enables compliance with optional initiatives while fostering improved social acceptability and reputation.

Compensatory plan Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements when mandatory, and enhances social acceptability and reputation when voluntary. Increases transparency throughout the process.

Restoration plan A comprehensive restoration plan shortens project timelines and optimizes restoration outcomes.

Authorization request Submit the necessary requests to various organizations to comply with current laws and regulations.

Restoration Supervision Enhancing the speed and accuracy of project execution using our technologies and knowhow.

Engineering Structure Design Allows for faster implementation and compliance with existing regulations.

Water Needs Assessment Benefits the results of vegetation work and ensures better plant productivity.

Soil Characterization In view of their reuse or elimination.

  1. Open pit mining
  2. Waste rock dumps
  3. Tailings ponds
  4. Mining infrastructure
  1. Open pit mining
  2. Progressive restoration
    of waste rock piles
  3. Trials to optimize and adapt
    technologies to site conditions
  4. Containment of residues
  5. Local production of green
    inputs for restoration purposes
  6. Passive treatments for the
    control of effluents
  7. Industrial ecology: Valuation and
    reuse of residual materials
  1. Restored, sustainable,
    resilient, and healthy