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These projects aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and increase ecosystem resilience to climate change through the creation of green economies based on the restoration of degraded ecosystems. Viridis Terra focused on four main components:

  • Sustainable energy forests
  • Eco-energetic kilns
  • Composting
  • Climate change awareness

By implementing these components, our team aimed to foster environmentally friendly practices and promote sustainable approaches to combat climate change and restore degraded ecosystems.


Focusing on the strengthening of local capacities, the projects were designed in collaboration with Haitian strategic partners to mobilize their expertise, guarantee that actions are adapted to the needs of the communities, and ensure a real local ownership of inhabitants in the fight against climate change. Implemented by the consortium of Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), and Viridis Terra, the projects combines CECI’s experience and network in Haiti with Viridis Terra technical expertise. 

These projects were made possible thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec. It is supported by the Uniterra program, which receives financial support from the Government of Canada.

KLIMA Grand Sud

Project Grand Sud is actively ongoing but has faced substantial delays due to the unstable situation in Haiti. To accommodate these challenges, the project's timeline has been extended by a year, now aiming for completion by December 2024. While we have a dedicated resource person on site, frequent disruptions in electricity and internet services have made communication difficult. Despite these obstacles, we're adapting and moving forward by successfully conducting online training sessions for our beneficiaries.

KLIMA Nord Project Results

This first project was completed in december 2021.

Sustainable Energy Forest (FED)

Sustainable Energy Forest (FED).
©Viridis Terra Innovations
Sustainable Energy Forest (FED).
  • 200 hectares planted. More precisely 24 ha in Bois Blanc, 50 ha in Foulon, 65 ha in Fond Bleu and 61 ha in Acul Samedi.
  • Accompaniment of 223 landowners. (155 men and 68 women)
  • 28 members of JEAN trained and actively involved in the establishment and monitoring of FEDs.
  • 6 local facilitators trained for close monitoring and support of landowners.
  • Carbon sequestration in 2019: 103 tons. In 2020: 1500 tons.

Eco-Energetic Ovens

Eco-Energetic Ovens.
©Viridis Terra Innovations
Eco-Energetic Ovens.
  • 22 members of JEAN and 49 CHCL (Haiti State University) students trained.
  • Construction of 12 ovens (1 brick oven and 11 improved kilns) across 4 municipalities and benefiting 223 landowners.
  • Establishment and training of 4 carbonization committees.
  • Achievement of a 60% increase in efficiency.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 1815 tons of CO2 eq/year.

Pilot Sorting and Composting Center

Composting Center.
©Viridis Terra Innovations
Composting Center.
  • Established a site with the capacity to process 700 tons of organic waste annually.
  • Created employment opportunities for 37 individuals involved in construction or composting operations.
  • Training of OJA members in compost production using windrow methods.
  • Conducted awareness programs for producers on best practices for compost application.

Awareness and Education

Awareness and Education.
©Viridis Terra Innovations
Awareness and Education.
  • Sensitized 350 individuals through public consultations for the construction of the composting center and eco-energy ovens.
  • Conducted 6 project-related presentations, including participation in departmental discussions in the Northern and Northeastern regions.
  • Training of 135 students from CHCL (Haiti State University), including 4 students working on final dissertations related to the project.
  • Raised awareness among more than 1000 individuals regarding climate change challenges and adaptation measures since the project’s inception.

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