Viridis Terra offers a model for restoring forest and agroforestry landscapes in large areas of degraded land that adapt to the institutional conditions of a given country or region.

This model uses an approach based on respecting land use capacity and watershed management at the landscape level. It stimulates the conservation and revitalization of soils by restoring forests and agroforestry systems, ensuring the sequestration of millions of tonnes of carbon in restored, sustainable and resilient ecosystems, and the reconstruction of habitats and critical areas for biodiversity, thus encouraging our adaptation to climate change and the mitigation of its effects.


Viridis Terra's unique model for forest landscape restoration includes the online platform TreesOfLives. It is possible to follow traceability data from remote sensing in the field, allowing both the investor and the purchaser of commodities to obtain an unparalleled degree of transparency regarding our projects and evolution. The platform has three important main features:

1) investment vehicle in our ecosystem restoration projects

2) system for managing, analyzing and sharing project operating data

3) project output sales system (zero deforestation commodities)

Social innovation

Viridis Terra engages with local stakeholders in training and capacity building through its forest landscape restoration projects while promoting a green economy. Through its forest landscape restoration projects, Viridis Terra engages with local stakeholders in training and capacity building while promoting a green economy. Green economy activities focus on developing sustainable markets and value chains for goods and services produced on restored lands. A green economy makes it possible to create an attractive environment for the agro-food, forestry, and bioenergy industries, leading to improved human well-being and the achievement of social equity while reducing environmental risks and shortages.

Where necessary, landowners receive payment incentives for ecosystem services to promote sustainable management of new forests and agroforests.