Our people

Thomas Pinto Basto

Chief Financial Advising

Sustainable Finance / Investment Executive/ Portfolio Manager

It is my goal to play my part in contributing to the transition to the Net Zero Economy by leveraging my experience in global investment management in creating sustainable investment ecosystems through the successful implementation of sustainable investment practices and capabilities as well as connecting capital with companies in the sustainability ecosystem. As a global investment management professional with over 20 years of experience, including 15yrs as a portfolio manager in Emerging and Developed markets, I have held a variety of management roles during my career. During this time, I have shown a collaborative and team-oriented approach, accumulating insights into ESG/Sustainable investing, portfolio management, investment research, investment operations and corporate strategy. My experience includes co-managing a satellite office, a global investment team, and creating effective partnerships with key stakeholders. This includes helping build and manage an award-winning Emerging Market Equity Team.

I have added to my ESG/Sustainability experience (ESG equity investment processes, ESG Investment Committee) to date by completing a number of ESG/Sustainability certifications and workshops: Advanced EST Certificate (PRI Academy), Business & Climate Change (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership) and Carbon Neutrality – challenges & opportunities (Stravillia Sustainability Hub), International Investment Reporting Framework (Stravillia Sustainability Hub/BSD/MCS).