Our people

Napoleon Flores

Operations and Technical Manager

Forestry Engineer from the National Agrarian University La Molina, with specialization studies in high-tech greenhouses and installation of forestry plantations in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. With extensive experience as an operations manager in forestry plantations, promoting sustainable forestry development and private investments in the Peruvian Amazon.

He actively contributes to initiatives oriented to the forestry sector, specifically to the development of forestry plantation production chains for commercial purposes in the Ucayali and Huánuco regions. He is also an active member of the regional cocoa and oil palm technical roundtables in Ucayali.

Napoleon Flores is part of Viridis Terra Peru since 2020, starting operations in Pucallpa - Ucayali with the setting up of the first high-tech tree nursery, and the first IFRL models in the Peruvian Amazon.