Restoration Coordinator in Peru, PhD

José Augusto Ríos

Forest Engineer, PhD

José Augusto Ríos Trigoso is a forest engineer with a master’s degree in Forest Management from the National Agrarian University – La Molina, Lima Peru. He is completing a PhD in Anthropology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. José is a former professor at the National Agrarian University - La Molina, where he taught different subjects and researched and trained students in the areas of dendrology and ecology. José has contributed to the creation and maintenance of the Herbarium MOL Forest, and the establishment of Arboreta in the experimental stations von Humboldt and Jenaro Herrera.

He has an extensive working experience of more than 40 years in public and private institutions leading multidisciplinary teams of sustainable development projects, focused on degraded areas and secondary forest recovery, working with corporations, financial institutions, academia, NGOs and communities.