Senior analyst, environment

François Tanguay

Climate Strategies Specialist

François Tanguay has been involved in environmental work for over forty-five years. Co-founder of Friends of the Earth Québec, he was executive director for Greenpeace Quebec from 1992 to 1997. His work was centered on Climate Change issues. He has attended a number of UN Climate Summits over the years. M. Tanguay has also been involved in eco-housing projects both in Canada and in Europe. He designed and built a number of projects over 20 years.

Nominated as an administrative judge to the Quebec Energy Board in 1997, he served until 2007. François Tanguay was then was named Chair of the Quebec Energy Efficiency Agency. He was later asked by the minister of Natural Resources to help put up a coalition for the promotion of wood in all sectors of construction. As director and main spokesperson of the Coalition Bois Québec, he worked closely with all levels of decision takers and investors. More than 300 municipalities in Quebec have adopted the Coalition Bois pro-wood charter. François Tanguay was nominated in July 2011 for a 30-month mandate to Quebec’s Special Committee for a Strategic Evaluation Assessment on shale gas.

He has written five books on environmental issues, including three on ecological housing. He has served as advisor to elected officials, private business, and labour unions. He regularly writes for a number of Quebec publications.