Our people

Benoit Limoges

Scientific Expert and Biodiversity

Ecologist, M. Sc.

Mr. Benoit Limoges is an M. Sc. biologist specialized in biodiversity. His main areas of expertise are:

  • Integration of biodiversity into economic and political activities (mainstreaming).
  • Biodiversity inventories and management.
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change.
  • Biodiversity accounting and quantification.
  • Environmental impact mitigation and compensation.
  • Mine closure and ecological restoration.
  • Characterization and evaluation of ecological services.
  • IFC Performance Standard #6 Requirements (IFC PS6).

During his 35-year career, he has worked for private companies, consulting firms and extractive industries, for governments, including the governments of Quebec and Canada, for United Nations organizations, as well as for local and international NGOs. He has worked in more than a dozen countries, including Africa and Latin America, mostly in a cooperative context.

He knows five languages. Through these multiple experiences, he has acquired a lot of fundamental knowledge and practical skills. He is now at a stage in his career where he is passing on his knowledge through capacity building projects, strategic advice and consulting as a director at Viridis Terra International, particularly in the implementation of the Integrated Forest Landscape Restoration (IFLR) approach.