Who we are

Our mission

Our mission is to offer to governments, companies, and the civil society sustainable solutions for the restoration of deforested and degraded lands to:

  • Recover natural and sustainable landscapes.
  • Protect water resources.
  • Decrease soil erosion and sedimentation.
  • Mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Strengthen ecosystem resilience.
  • Benefit the most vulnerable in our society.
  • Create new economic opportunities.
  • Produce new sources of valuable goods and services.

Our projects foster and uphold:

  • The integration and inclusion of communities, civil society, academia, governments, and private sectors.
  • The highest international standards for restoration and reforestation activities, including third-party inspection and accreditation.
  • The highest international standards in terms of social responsibility and of stakeholder engagement.

Our values

We intend to support shared values and to lead the industries in which we work towards a more sustainable and durable future.

We are committed to being transparent, morally and ethically sound, and respectful of the law and regulations in all countries and regions in which we work.

We are committed to achieving excellence at every step of the process. We want to make positive and lasting short-, mid-, and long-term impacts on societies, the economy, and the environment. Our high-quality products and services meet social and environmental sustainability standards.

We are dedicated to realizing on-going R&D that produces low-cost, innovative and problem-solving high technologies and approaches, and to encouraging professional and personal development of our team members to evolve as better human beings and citizens.

We value collaboration of multidisciplinary actors and effective partnerships as essential components to the success of our activities. We establish long-term partnerships with public, private, civil, and academic institutions and organizations.

We support social and gender equality in all aspects of the organization and in all projects in which we are involved.