What we do

Mine restoration

Why we do it

Mine restoration is an effective means for supporting sustainable development approaches for mining operations, as well as for maintaining the social licence to operate. Rapid mitigation of the negative effects of mining on the environment and local communities is achieved through restoration by:

  • Containing and eliminating contaminants.
  • Reducing air and water pollution.
  • Allowing for the recovery of naturally resilient landscapes.
  • Recovering biodiversity.

The establishment of self-sustaining healthy ecosystems without the release of contaminants is required when considering mining restoration and in order to end environmental liabilities. However, it can take more than a hundred years to recover durable resilient natural ecosystems with traditional reclamation and rehabilitation techniques currently used in the mining context. Furthermore, many of these traditional techniques have diminishing effectiveness in the long term.

To achieve better and longer-lasting results, Viridis Terra International is promoting a multidisciplinary approach based on ecological restoration principles.

We aim for the best environmental quality.

The Solution

Ecological restoration

"To assist in the recovery and return of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed to its previous state of ecological integrity."

Ecological restoration has the advantage over reclamation and rehabilitation when it comes to recovering the resilience and naturalness of ecosystems by bringing the ecosystem close to its pre-disturbance state with greater environmental quality and buffer capacity.

Unsuited solution


"To repair the ecosystem’s processes, productivity, and services to an alternative state of pre-existing integrity."

Unsuited solution


"To stabilize a landscape and increase its utility and economic value; to create a new ecosystem."