What we do

Forest Landscape Restoration

Why choose us?

  • Holistic approach: Integration of the sustainable life cycle and all economic, cultural, social, and environmental aspects of IFLR projects
  • Replicable model: Large-scale multi-region and multi-country replicable model with a diversified project portfolio to reduce business overall risks
  • Multidisciplinary team: Highly skilled team specialized in the field of work
  • Unique technologies: Innovative and adaptive high technologies, techniques, and methods which tremendously increase forest and agroforest system productivity and yield on degraded lands
  • Long-term approach: Long-term monitoring and management of projects to ensure durability and real positive impacts with payment for ecosystem services to beneficiaries
  • Reduced risk: Blended source of revenues, reducing overall risks to private investments
  • TreesOfLives: Safe and simple platform for product transaction