Senior legal counsel

Marie-Ève Henrichon

Legal Counsel, LLB, MPA

A member of the Quebec Bar since 2011, Marie-Eve initially worked as a lawyer at two private law firms specializing in civil liability, human rights, contract law, litigation, and administrative law. She then continued her professional journey in multiple public organizations (universities, health and social service centers, and the federal government) to support the search for sustainable solutions to social issues in her community. To enhance her legal knowledge, Marie-Eve obtained a master's degree in public administration from ENAP in 2021. She has also been actively involved with the bar association in her region, Outaouais, as well as a committee of experts at the Quebec Bar for several years.

Wishing to leverage her broad legal knowledge and management skills in various fields of law, Marie-Eve joined the Viridis Terra International team in January 2023 as Senior Legal Counsel. She sincerely believes that the law can be a driving force for improving human and environmental conditions, and she undertakes this new chapter in her career with motivation and enthusiasm.