Director of training and capacity building

Marco Romero Pastor

Forestry engineer

Born in Huaraz, Peru, he graduated as a forestry engineer from the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, with a strong inclination towards forestry management.

In his professional career, he held different positions in the public forestry administration for more than 25 years, in permanent interaction with private and community actors, being in two periods (1985-1989 and 2003-2004) the first national forestry authority in the country.

He assumed leading positions related to the change of the forestry regime. In particular, in the process of forest concessions with forest management plans, integrating the first Ad Hoc Commission for Forest Concessions (2002), as president.

He has extensive experience in directing national and international technical cooperation forestry plantation and management projects in the Andean region and the Peruvian Amazon.

In recent years he has been manager of the Business Association for Rural Development - ASEMDER, Promotora Santa Elena S.A., and Promotora El Brujo S.A., providing advice, promotion and management of forestry projects, especially Andean reforestation and management and use of plantations established in 1994, under a shared risk contract with the Agricultural Cooperative of Workers "Atahualpa Jerusalem" Ldta. in Porcón, Cajamarca.

Since 2011 he has served as president of the Steering Committee of FSC Peru, promoting voluntary forest certification in Peru in more than one million hectares of natural forests.

He is currently an institutional advisor to Viridis Terra Peru, supporting the restoration of forest landscapes in Ucayali, Huanuco, Loreto, and San Martin.