Drone/Geographic Information Systems/Cartography Technician

Luis Miguel Dávila Diaz

Agronomist engineer

Agronomist engineer with experience in fieldwork such as land demarcation and legal actions related to land litigation, work in agricultural extension, in the development of field surveys, handling of GPS Navigator - Differential and Total Station equipment, knowledge in rural land valuations, and work in agricultural credit assistance.

He has knowledge in the methodology for the generation of allometric equations of biomass of tree species, experienced in the replacement of vegetation cover in degraded and deforested areas through the establishment of agroforestry systems, experience in soil sampling, analysis, interpretation, and respective recommendations, determining the type and dose of fertilizer according to the type of crop or forest species.

He also has experience in organic and inorganic fertilization of degraded soils to establish forest species, knowledge of plant health, silviculture and forest plant breeding, sustainable management of agroecosystems, knowledge in the development of digital elevation models, watershed delimitation, geostatistics, and management of satellite images. He also has knowledge in formulating agribusiness plans and technical capacity for the development of public investment projects in forestry, agriculture, and agricultural infrastructure.