Senior agronomist, agro-ecology

Louis Larochelle

Agronomist, MSc

Louis Larochelle knows both the pragmatism of the producer and the field of research, since he has a master's degree in agronomy. This mix allows him to be both innovative and realistic, while taking environmental and technical considerations into account in his work.

He has already applied his knowledge and interest in soil ecology and applied agrosystems to the regeneration of degraded sites in different circumstances and in several countries. His knowledge and skills are perfectly in line with Viridis Terra International's mission to provide innovative solutions for land rehabilitation. Indeed, he believes that all reflections and actions related to soil restoration must be based on the principle that the soil is first and foremost a habitat for living organisms.

Louis Larochelle is passionate about greening of the planet, working more particularly in the selection of appropriate organic matter and in the development of soil organic networks.

He owns a 20-hectare field that has allowed him to accumulate twenty years of experience with different types of amendments, cover crops, green manures, tree plantations and seedlings, edible plants, greenhouse vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants, and mushroom cultivation.