CPE hydrogeologist of the Department of Mine Restoration and Bioremediation

Laura Mony

B.Ing., MSc

Laura Mony studied Geological Engineering at Laval University. During her academic career, she has been interested in the physic side of geology. Therefore, she acquired knowledge in geophysics and hydrogeology through the different internships and projects she worked on, like in studying mining waste at Thetford Mines or analyzing the impact of thawing permafrost on underground flow in Northern Quebec. Thereafter, she flew to Australia to do a master’s degree in Marine and Antarctic Science where she developed skills in modeling and geophysics. Since the end of her degrees, she has split her time between her job as an expedition guide in Antarctica and research professional in hydrogeology where she supervised a project on the effect of climate variation on slope stability in Québec.

It was during her various trips around the planet that Laura Mony realized the fragility of the environment and the importance of acting to preserve it. It is with this idea in mind, that she oriented her career. She is fascinated by understanding the impact of humans on their environments and finding ways to mitigate it.