Who we are

Our team

Viridis Terra International comprises a diverse and multidisciplinary team that has the same ambition: to restore the planet's degraded lands.


Department directors


Board of Directors

Canadian Senator and Professor Civil and Water Engeneering Department at Laval University

Rosa Galvez

Director of the Development and Representation Department

Geneviève Constancis

Founder and CEO, GeoTraceability Ltd.

Pierre Courtemanche

Interim Executive Director at CEIMIA (GPAI)

Jacques Rajotte

Chair of the Board of Directors, Cuso International

Patricia Perez-Coutts

Business Transfer Director at Desjardins

Mathio Pellerin

CPA, CA auditor, Partner at Pellerin Potvin Gagnon

Benoit Leblanc

Viridis Terra Advisory Committee

Senior Director - Development of Climate Impact Ecosystems

Sylvain Carle

Senior consultant at Gestéco

André Delisle

International consultant in biodiversity and ecosystem services

Benoit Limoges

Founder, ExportPlus

G-A Rodrigue

Former Director, Export and Development Canada (EDC)

Mark Senn

CEO and Principal Consultant, Okapi environmental consulting

Joana Talafré

Senior Analyst Environment, Viridis Terra

François Tanguay

Executive VP, Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Nel-i

David Beaudoin