What we do

International development

Our model

Viridis Terra International offers support to partners in developing countries and their communities for the resolution of their environmental challenges, particularly those related to unsustainable resource management practices and land degradation.

We are proposing a model based on local training, technical assistance, capacity building, and technology transfer to improve sustainable land restoration and management. We develop turnkey solutions adapted to local conditions for and with local partners and communities.

To achieve that, we form partnerships with local and international academic institutions, NGOs, experts, and other organizations.

Viridis Terra International is composed of a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team specialized in ecological restoration and sustainable agroforestry, forestry, and agriculture practises on degraded lands. We are dedicated to improving living conditions in developing countries, empowering local communities, and increasing their adaptation and adaptability to climate change.

This model aims at mobilizing and empowering local communities to become beneficiaries of, future stakeholders in, and effective contributors to Viridis Terra International’s large-scale forest landscape restoration (IFLR) projects.