TreesOfLives TM

In addition to allowing you to invest in impact projects through a duly registered securities dealer, the TreesOfLives fund is directly integrated with an artificial intelligence-based platform to process field data.

When the commodities grown in collaboration with the landowners are sold, the projects profit is distributed between the investor and the farmer, representing your return on investment. Those commodities can be agri-food, medicinal products or timber. The products resulting from our projects are all certified sustainable and zero deforestation.

These certifications can be obtained by using traceability data from the platform. Thus, commodity buyers can have full confidence in the origin of their purchases.

Together, let's reinvent impact investing

  • Targeted return on investment of more than 7%*
  • Carbon offsetting and certified credits
  • Measurable impacts on biodiversity and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Annual distribution to investors

*Disclaimer: Expected yields at all levels are based on data from similar projects carried out by Viridis Terra and its partners in the past in the same areas where Viridis Terra carries out its restoration activities. However, yields are not guaranteed and may vary considerably due to various factors including climatic conditions and the choice of forestry and agroforestry systems by landowners. In order to optimize your impacts and returns, we encourage you to maintain your investment in TreesOfLives for at least five years, ideally as long as possible. See our legal documentation for full details.