Who we are

Our team

Viridis Terra International comprises a diverse and multidisciplinary team that has the same ambition: restore the planet's degraded lands.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Forest Engineer,

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Crépin

Computer Scientist,
Mechanical Engineer

Chief Development and Marketing Officer

Yves Pinsonneault

Masters's degree in Zoology

Chief Operations Officer

Christine Brasseur

LL.B., M.Sc.

Chief Climate Solutions Officer

David Beaudoin


Chief Financial Officer

Sylvain Charbonneau

MBA, International Finance

Chief Financial Advising

Thomas Pinto Basto

Sustainable Finance / Investment Executive/ Portfolio Manager

Executive Revenue Generation Advisor

Alexandre Hamelin

M.B.A., LL.B. - Sustainable Business Strategies


Account Director - Ecological Restoration

Marc-André Coulombe


Director, Talents and Culture

Marijane Moreau Peterson


Director, Ecological Rehabilitation and Restoration

Alexandre Couturier-Dubé

Mining Engineer

Director, Research & Development

Guillaume Létourneau

Director, Software Development

Robert Lejeune

Computer Scientist

Director, IFLR Projects

Léonie Côté

Ecologist, MSc

Director, International Development

Marie-Jeanne Diouf

Master's in International Management

Product Engineering & Competence Management Manager

Francisco Roman


Scientific Expert and Biodiversity

Benoit Limoges

Ecologist, M. Sc.

Administrative Agent

Mercedes Kalauz

Candidate to the Engineering Profession, Agronomy (CEP Agronomy) and R&D Project Manager

Pierre Lafond

Agronomist, CEP Agro-Environmental Engineering, B.Eng.

Project Manager, Ecological Restoration

Béatrice Capolla

Biologist, M. Sc.

Full-Stack Developer

Mathieu St-Louis

Computer Scientist

Product Owner, Digital Platform

Sandy Grenier


Executive assistant to the CEO

Sarah Barrette-Robert

Team Peru

Representative - General Manager in Peru

Denis Buteau

Forest Engineer,

Operations & Programs Manager

Bruno Perodeau

Financial Manager in Peru

Daniella Miglio

Coordinador Admin y RRHH

Ana Casafranca Aguilar

Field Extensionist

Betty Graciela Ocmin Trigoso

Forestry engineer

Budget & Financial Technical Models Coordinator

Cynthia Zavalla

Field Extensionist

Dieter Oswaldo Fuentes Salinas

Agricultural Production Technician

Communications Coordinator

Florence Couillaud

Journalist/Social Communicator, Master in International relationships

Field Extensionist

Grace Cruzado Mendoza

Agronomist engineer

Program Manager, Yurimaguas

Jorge Miguel Pérez Vela

Forest engineer, Master in Soils, PhD student in Plant Production and Agroforestry Systems

Field Extensionist

José Fernando Araujo Cerrutti

Zootechnical Engineer

Advisor in management and human resources in the regions of Ucayali and Huánuco

Laura Mantilla Seijas

Psychologist and master in public management

Project Manager CI

Marisela Benavides

Monitoring Coordinator

Carlos Angulo

Administrative and Accounting Assistant

Karin Coral Muñoz

Field Specialist

Luis Davilla

Operations and Technical Manager

Napoleon Flores

Logistics Assistant

Cristina Huaycama

Legal Assistant

Lita Marquez

Administrative Assistant

Greicy Paucar

Cadastral support / Land Registry Support

Jostyn Pérez

Technician in charge of the Pucallpa forest nursery

Hacela Perez Paredes

Administrative and Accouting Assistant

Adriana Ramirez

Cadastral & GIS Leader

Josehp Vergara

Board of Directors

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Forest Engineer,

Chair of the Board of Directors, Cuso International

Patricia Perez-Coutts

Director of the Development and Representation Department

Geneviève Constancis

Founder and CEO, GeoTraceability Ltd.

Pierre Courtemanche

Business Transfer Director at Desjardins

Mathio Pellerin

CPA, CA auditor, Partner at Pellerin Potvin Gagnon

Benoit Leblanc

Advisory Committee

Former Canadian and United Nations Diplomat

Louis Guay

CSR Specialist,

Organizational Dialogue and Transformation, Institutional Capacity Development Specialist

Stéphane Courtemanche

Senior Director - Development of Climate Impact Ecosystems

Sylvain Carle

Senior consultant at Gestéco

André Delisle

Forestry Advisor

José Augusto Ríos

Founder, ExportPlus

G-A Rodrigue

Former Director, Export and Development Canada (EDC)

Mark Senn

CEO and Principal Consultant, Okapi environmental consulting

Joana Talafré

Senior Analyst Environment, Viridis Terra

François Tanguay

Information Systems Advisor

Gustavo Dongo Aguirre

Financial advisor

Jorge Germán Rodríguez Rojas

Institutional Advisor

Marco Romero Pastor

Legal advisor

Óscar Schiappa-Pietra

Sustainable Equity Portfolio Management

Bruno Grandsard