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Yves Pinsonneault

Director de Desarrollo y Marketing

Máster en Zoología

Yves Pinsonneault is the Chief Representative, United-States at Viridis Terra. He joined the company in March 2021. Yves has over 20 years of experience in conservation and sustainable development. He specializes in program management, strategic planning, and knowledge management. He also possesses extensive expertise in cultivating and sustaining partnerships combined with international experience in 40+ countries; South America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Yves will ensure that Viridis Terra and TreesOfLives are highlighted and promoted in the US while establishing key partnerships and finding new investors interested in supporting the company's mission. Before joining Viridis Terra, Yves had a long career at Conservation International, one of the US's largest conservation NGOs. There he led multiple and diverse teams supporting key institutional and programmatic initiatives. Yves has also lived for several years and worked on several environmentally focused projects in Nepal and Cambodia. He holds a Masters's degree in Zoology from the University of Alberta, Canada. He currently lives in the Washington DC metro area.