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Vincent Crépin

Director de Tecnología

Informático, Ingeniero Mecánico

Vincent Crépin is a seasoned computer scientist with more than 30 years of experience creating complex software at the cutting edge of technology. He holds bachelor's degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering from the University of Laval.

For nearly 15 years, he ran his own enterprise specializing in supporting software development and agile methodologies projects. He has also worked in several large organizations such as full-stack developer, software architect, team leader, digital director and senior advisor for all IT development practices.

Among the projects Vincent worked on, he established a complete digital cloud-based platform to produce online quotes for a large insurance company and create an application generation platform.

Vincent is passionate about using technology as a lever for the common good. He is convinced that by restoring degraded lands on a large scale, Viridis Terra can collectively take us on the right path in the fight against climate change.