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Marc-André Coulombe

Director de Cuentas - Restauración ecológica


Marc-André Coulombe has worked in the field of leadership for more than 15 years and holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. His passion and motivation for commercialization and business development led him to manage departmental restructurings, start-ups and business growth projects. Intuitive and self-taught, Marc-André writes business plans, obtains several tens of thousands of dollars in funding, overviews marketing projects, acts as a sales rep, a sales manager, coordinates continuous improvement projects and opens new national and international markets.

Surrounded by business development mentors and passionate about entrepreneurship, he joins Viridis Terra to help in setting up this ambitious sustainable growth project to make the world a greener place. He assists with strategies to help position the company as a benchmark for innovative and scalable landscape restoration.

Marc-André Coulombe is recognized as a dynamic and quick-witted organized person. The methodical approach he uses is adapted to commercial realities and allows for Viridis Terra International to grow and build lasting relationships with its clients.