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José Fernando Araujo Cerrutti

Extensionista de campo

Ingeniero zootécnico

He studied zootechnical sciences at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon. During his professional career, he focused on reforestation and ecosystem recovery through agroforestry systems, receiving training at the Center for Research, Teaching, and Agroforestry Production (CEPIAGRY) in Yurimaguas, Loreto. In addition, he was part of CEPIAGRY's professional staff, participating in several publications as a collaborator in research works, which are now disseminated as technological packages to recover degraded areas.

He is a professional oriented to silvicultural activities of Amazonian species. Concerned about the bad practices that man causes on the forest, he joined a group of professionals to be part of the team that initiated the creation of the Datem of Marañón Alto Amazonas Condorcanqui Special Project (PEDAMAALC) based in the city of Yurimaguas, whose objective was to recover degraded areas. Likewise, he has worked on reforestation projects in public and private entities.