Nuestro equipo

Guillaume Létourneau

Director de Investigación y Desarrollo

Guillaume holds a doctorate in Soils and Environment from Laval University, focusing on optimizing water resources and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in agricultural settings. He also holds a master's degree in agri-food engineering on the characterization and modelling of substrates' hydraulic properties made up of organic by-products. He specializes in optimizing plant growing conditions and agricultural hydrology, but his knowledge base and interests extend to all areas related to the environment and sustainability.

He has more than five years of experience at Laval University and IRDA in the management of theoretical and applied research projects on various themes (irrigation, drainage, fertilization, soil physics, spatial variability, plant physiology, remote sensing, hydrological modelling), carried out under a wide range of climatic, soil and agronomic conditions. He has demonstrated his sense of organization and leadership by simultaneously managing several projects involving multiple sites and partners while supervising graduate students and acting as a lecturer at Laval University. He stands out for his dynamism and creativity in the conceptualization and realization of experiments on sites involving many practical and logistical constraints.

With great motivation, he joins Viridis Terra to contribute to the development of the knowledge and technologies required to promote sustainable and profitable solutions to degraded ecosystems.