Nuestro equipo

Betty Graciela Ocmin Trigoso

Extensionista de campo

She studied forestry engineering at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon.

She has experience in private and non-governmental companies, in land management projects for risk reduction and adaptation to climate change and food security. She has been dedicated to forestry research on non-timber forest species and agroforestry systems and recovery of degraded soils.

She has extensive knowledge in seedling production, organic fertilization, forest plantations, installation and management of biogardens and agroforestry systems.

She is also familiar with active, participatory and reflective methodologies for training adults and has a strong motivation for volunteering related to public health, environmental and human rights issues.

Her career is projected towards constant learning and innovation, based on respect and permanent communication with rural inhabitants. Interested in deepening her knowledge of low impact productive systems.