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Alexandre Couturier-Dubé

Director de Rehabilitación y Restauración Ecológica

Ingeniero de Minas

Alexandre Couturier-Dubé is an expert in mining- and civil engineering-related land reclamation and remediation. He completed his bachelor’s degree in mining engineering at Université Laval in Quebec City. Since the beginning of his career, He has been passionate about the environment and the restoration of degraded lands. This led him to work on many major projects over a dozen contaminated mine sites, both in the private (ArcelorMittal, iron ore mines in Fermont) and public (Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources [MERN], various abandoned mine sites) sectors in Canada. At the MERN, Alexandre Couturier-Dubé, as a project manager, and his team were managing a budget of more than CAD$800 million.

Alexandre Couturier-Dubé’s expertise is mostly related to the design of closure and restoration plans, management of open-pit mining operations, management of waste rocks and tailings, environmental site characterization, physical management of surface water, ground and surface water sampling, remediation, land reclamation and restoration using physical structures, pumping, and environmental standards and policies.